unlock the secrets of eternal beauty

  • Bitter Almonds

    contain mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy-acid that rejuvenates skin.
  • Neroli

    An essential oil extracted from fragrant blossoms contains mandelic acid that rejuvenates skin.
  • Beta-Arbutin

    A skin brightener, inhibiting melanin production by limiting tyrosinase.
  • Green Tea

    An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects against free radical damage.
  • Grape Seed Extract

    Contains powerful antioxidants to protect collagen and elastin.
  • White Lotus

    Helps your skin pull water out of the air to refresh the skin.
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Hathor Goddess of Beauty

This relief is currently at the Temple of Hathor in the Dendera Temple Complex 60km north of Luxor, Egypt. The image depicts a pharaoh making an offering to Hathor who personifies beauty and love. This is the essence of Allu; The Secret Of Eternal Beauty. In the modern world of today, its important to center ourselves around principles of wellness and positivity. The ancients believed that beauty began on the inside and worked its way outward. If you Allu, then you essentially do what the ancients did in order to be beautiful for a lifetime.

Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus

Thousands of years before modern man, the Ancient Egyptians performed complex surgery and kept a record on scrolls of papyrus. One scroll, that is currently persevered at the New York Academy of Medicine, is the "Edwin Smith Papyrus Scroll". This scroll contains an ancient recipe on “how to turn an old man, young”. This recipie was then modified with modern science, and the end result became Allu “Secret of Eternal Beauty”.

The Eye of Horus

Known across the globe as a royal symbol of healing and protection. At Allu Skin Care we urge our customers to balance 3 factors in order to obtain beautiful healthy skin.

  1. Control your stress level
  2. Control your diet
  3. Control what you put on your skin

If you can balance these principles, we guarantee our results.

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